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My Notes from PTC Live Service Exchange

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This week, I had the opportunity to visit the first PTC Live Service Exchange. This was held in conjunction with a broader PTC Live event, but focused solely on the needs of service business leaders.

Overall, the event was extremely well attended and the level of discussion was great. On the main stage, we heard from organizations such as Philips Healthcare, Electrolux, and Renault and these were supported by focused breakout sessions featuring the likes of Caterpillar, Sears Home Services, Komatsu, Lexmark, and more. I had the pleasure of moderating a panel on service parts.

Here are my key takeaways. (Note: The summaries are intended to be brief but I would be glad to dive deeper if you’re interested in learning more.)

  1. Organizations really want to transform to a service-focused model and that transformation is occurring, albeit slowly. There is a unique cultural challenge that stands in the way of broader ‘servitization’ (another upcoming blog topic)
  2. There exists a service paradox. As organizations become more service or customer-centric there is an initial drop in customer satisfaction and profitability. Hence a paradox. My personal belief is that the impact of this paradox can be mitigated with the aid of executive focus and a clear understanding of the service-focused mission of the organization.
  3. Customer experience design is going to be an emerging concept of discussion and discovery. The experience that customers receive via the product, service and more will be unique grounds for differentiation in the coming years. Hence strategists are going to have to map out the current state and design the ideal customer experience across all facets of the organization.
  4. Connected assets are going to drive a greater degree of customization and personalization, especially as it ties into the product and service experience. With greater information on product usage, customer preferences and more, there wont be any excuse for a generalized, non-personal experience. It will also raise a very important dialog around data security.
  5. Customer-centricity requires a focus on understanding what customers value – I steal this quote often. “Customers don’t necessarily care about air compressors, they want compressed air.”
  6. There is a unique and untapped opportunity for design, engineering and service to work together. This isn’t just to make products more serviceable, but also to improve the quality of products in addition to enhancing the experience that customers receive while interacting with the product.

My favorite quote of the event came from Steve Olive, SVP and CIO from Philips Healthcare. “Sales, service, and design need to be tightly integrated, and a better build is the output.” What a profound change in philosophy around the pre-build (and not post-sale) nature of service.

I also have to recognize this quote from Sebastian Samuel, VP After-Sales Engineering at Renault. “Innovations are useless if they don’t benefit society.”  I hope to learn more from Renault on how they are innovating around emissions and fuel to enhance their society.

It’s encouraging to see the interest in service transformation from a cross-industry and cross-discipline group of leaders. I look forward to carrying the discussions forward via the work on The Service Council.

Do these trends resonate with your overall business? If so, what else do you see occurring within your business?

The Service Council To Host H2 2013 Update Webcast

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This is my first official blog as Chief Customer Officer of The Service Council, one of many I hope, as I impart on this journey of building a larger, more diverse, and more engaged community of service executives.

My vision for The Service Council, one shared by the executive team of John Carroll and Brandon Smith, is to be the central information and engagement platform for service and other business leaders to connect, learn and inspire. If you are involved in the world of service and customer experience, we want The Service Council to be the site that you check in on daily. (Hopefully we can get it to one of the top sites that you check into when you log on to your mobile devices or computers in the morning. I imagine we would then compete with the likes of ESPN, Facebook, LinkedIn and more).

To get there, we have to make some changes in order to facilitate a greater and deeper level of discussion and interaction. We are going to highlight some of these changes in a short 30-minute webinar this Thursday June 13 at 11am Eastern. During the webinar we will share:

  • Our upcoming research agenda for 2013
  • Changes to The Service Council’s interaction model
  • Modifications to our engagement platforms on LinkedIn and ServiceConnect
  • Thoughts on the 2014 Smarter Services Symposium

We will also add some feedback from the 2013 Smarter Services Symposium and share how current research is shaping our agenda for 2013.

If you have a few moments, I encourage you to join via this link. If you are unable to join, please register and we will make a recording available to you post-event.

In the interim, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments or feedback via sd@theservicecouncil.com.

Sumair Dutta

Chief Customer Officer

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