2014 Smarter Services™ Executive Symposium: How Did We Do?

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As John Carroll pointed out in our blog yesterday, the 2014 Smarter Services™ Executive Symposium Is In the Books and its time to evaluate what can be improved on for next year’s event (More information will be shared on next year’s Symposium during our recap webcast on April 30th at 11am Eastern). Proclamations of outstanding, world changing, revolutionary, and best event ever are common when describing the event, but all of those are mine and I’m sure that I am a little biased.

Fortunately, our audience was extremely active in providing feedback on what we can do to improve the event. To summarize some of the scores:

On Day 1 – April 8 (Focus on People)

  • 97% of evaluators took away actions that they can apply to their respective businesses
  • 100% found the sessions to be relevant with 67% stating that the sessions were ‘extremely relevant’.

On Day 2 – April 9 (Focus on Customer Strategy)

  • 96% of evaluators took away strategies that are applicable to their respective businesses
  • 82% found the sessions to be ‘extremely relevant’, 100% found the sessions to be relevant

On Day 3 – April 10 (Focus on Innovation)

  • 88% of evaluators had actionable takeaways
  • 100% found the sessions to be relevant with 62% stating that the sessions were ‘extremely relevant’.

Overall, 63% of evaluators gave us a 9 or 10 score when asked about the likelihood they would recommend the event. Thirty-one percent (31%) were passive as per the traditional Net Promoter  (NPS) scale and the remaining 6% indicated that we had work to do in order to attain their loyalty and advocacy.

These are great numbers for the Service Council team and we are particularly proud of the high percentage of evaluators who are able to take away actionable insights that can be applied to their own service and customer management businesses. That said, we have a lot of work to do to continue to make this the marquee event for the service and customer management executive.

Relevant topics for us to feature (in our agenda and at the 2015 event)

  • Compensation structures for service workers
  • Future roles of service
  • Service in an electronic world
  • Customer Effort Score (to build on what Mark Groveunder from Acer presented this year)
  • Lean principles for service
  • Product management for service

That’s just a shortlist of ideas from our attendees and we look forward to learning more over the coming weeks. On a final note, this was our first event in Boston after two Symposiums in Chicago. With regards to feedback on timing and location, the following word cloud represents some of the top answers (Note: Boston had a good representation at this year’s event).


WordCloud Source: www.wordle.net

Watch out for post-event blogs from us regarding the content shared across all three days of the event. Also, if you missed the event, make sure to log on to our post-event recap webinar on April 30th. Register here

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