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Why Customer Commitment?

By Sumair Dutta | Perspective | No Comments

We just announced the theme for our 2015 Smarter Services Symposium being held Mar 10-12 in San Diego. The theme is: A Service Partnership for Commitment and Profitability. Time to dig into some of the key areas of the theme.

  • Partnership – The focus here is to highlight how service can better collaborate with other functional business groups to drive an improved customer experience and support improved business result. As such, we will feature participants from non-service professions sharing their goals and objectives and how they perceive the role of the service organization.
  • Customer Commitment – Why commitment and not customer success? To elaborate, customer success was at the core of our theme last year. Not to get too caught up in the choice of words here but this does not signal our move away from customer success as a business objective. In fact, customer success as a theme seems to be thriving among organizations and software providers alike. (There is class of software providers such as Gainsight, Preact, Bluenose, ServiceSource, Totango, and more, looking to enable customer success. )
    We believe that for a service organization to be successful, there needs to be a focus on customer success. This is turn leads to the development of a relationship between the service provider and the customer. It is a sign of commitment from the service provider. The measure of success in this strategy is a returned commitment from the customer. This commitment comes in the form of:

    • Feedback – enabling the service provider to improve
    • Retention – sticking with the service provider
    • Revenue – increasing spend with the service provider
    • Advocacy – promoting the service provider as a partner of choice

Not all four are necessary for a customer to be committed as not every customer will increase their spend year after year or serve as a brand advocate. But the focus is in exhibiting commitment to the success of the service business.

  • Profitability – Its simple, service leaders are measured on profitability and are looking for ways to support service-led revenue growth while continuing to focus on efficiency. Our goal is to continue to show how service leaders can invest in their customer service businesses and generate positive business outcomes as a result.

What are your thoughts on the theme? Please do let us know by commenting or by contacting me. You can learn more about the symposium by visiting our Symposium page.

Also, if interested in nominating a speaker or getting involved in the event, feel free to contact me directly.

Once again, it’s The Service Council’s Smarter Services Symposium taking place Mar 10-12 in San Diego, CA.

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