Are Augmented Reality Applications Ready? Service Leaders Respond

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Our current research project on Augmented Reality in service and support has yielded a treasure trove of data. The survey is still live and will be available for another week before we close and summarize results. To participate, please visit

Only 12% of participating organizations (n=65) indicate that they are currently using AR in service and support (field service, customer support or training). However, interest in the technology is extremely high. Sixty-one percent of respondents are evaluating applications for use in the next 5 years. Of those evaluating, 40% are currently running live pilots.
Are AR Solutions Ready?

Based on what’s available, 30% of respondents believe that AR applications are ready for use in field service and customer support organizations. Another 28% believe that the applications aren’t ready yet, but they are close.

For those who believe that AR applications still need some work before they are ready for the service enterprise, the following are things that need to change.

  • Ease/speed with which AR content can be created
  • Integration of AR into current workflows
  • Ease of use
  • Integration of AR with existing applications

A number of these issues and challenges aren’t specific to the available applications, they’re more so a commentary on how companies need to transform or reconsider content to get the most out of AR. Organizations can currently insert basic video-related or AR capabilities for specific use cases in field service and customer support, but to get the most out of their investment, they have to consider their current service workflows and the role that AR-enabled connection and content can play in enriching those workflows.

As indicated, we’re still interested in opinions from other service and support organizations interested in the topic of AR. You don’t need a live project to participate. Results will only be shared in aggregate, and these results will be made available to all participants at the end of the month. To participate, please visit

We shared early results from our research on a recent webinar featuring TSC member Lee Company. Lee received a great deal of attention for their 2016 technology deployment, considered to be the largest rollout of wearable technology at that time. Listen in here.

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