Looking to Boost Your CSat Scores? Consider Elevating Field Service

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On the journey to raise profitability, a large number of organizations look to improve customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer share of wallet. It is vital for organizations to keep their customers satisfied, and to leverage that satisfaction to drive higher levels of loyalty and customer spend.

Typical CSat improvement initiatives focus on the contact center and rightly so. But very few consider the impact of the improvement of field service on CSat scores. Field service has always been treated as an operational challenge with very little consideration for the customer impact. Well, in our research of over 150 field service leaders, we found that investing in field service performance can significantly impact customer satisfaction results. In the chart below, we measured field service performance in first-time fix and you can see the relationship between increased first-time fix and customer satisfaction.
First-Time Fix and Customer Satisfaction
There’s something to be said about first-time fix. 100% first-time fix can be quite expensive and the cost of the additional percentage point could break the bank. Yet, it is an incredibly important metric in measuring field service performance for the simple reason that it actually measures work being done vs. just getting to work. Think about it, if someone comes to your home but doesn’t resolve that heater issue that you have, you would be fairly disappointed. Now replace that heater with an MRI machine at a hospital or an airline engine on an idle plane.

How can one work on elevating first-time fix?

  1. Better Diagnosis and Triage at Issue Identification to Determine the Appropriate Resolution Path
  2. Improved Training of Agents in the Field to Support a Higher Level of Performance
  3. Better Access to Resolution Information at the Point-of-Service to Support Problem Diagnosis and Resolution
  4. Increased Use of Intelligent Scheduling to Ensure Dispatch of the Appropriate Resources

Sending the wrong technician is expensive and creates customer angst. Sending the right technician with the right tools and information can make all the difference in improving field service and customer satisfaction performance.

I recently spoke on the topic of elevating field service performance. Feel free to listen in for our performance enhancement recommendations.

We’d love to have you join our field service research panel for 2018. If interested, please visit our research participation page. We look forward to working with you on 2018 research projects.

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