Friday Service Recap: Aribnb, Partner Apps, Video, VR, AR and More Customer Service Stories for the Week

Every week, Sumair and I will post our most interesting customer service minded stories for the week as part of a Friday recap. We’ll comment on one story each and then add 3 others for your review.

For the sixteenth installment, and week 21 of 2017:

Aly’s pick:

Topic: App Partnerships Focus on the Customer Experience
Source: Fast Company

Commentary: Third party applications and partnerships might just be the future for service organizations. Just think Apple. They allow third-party developers to create innovative applications and provide them a showcase on their platform. This frees Apple up to focus on future products, services, and their particular strategic advantages. In this article, Airbnb sees an opportunity to expand the value of their service to customers without the risk of new app development. This model will have an impact on the service industry as the consumer world continues to provide it with ideas and innovations. Why recreate the wheel when you can just partner? As barriers to innovation such as the move from on-premise to cloud infrastructures and mobility become more prevalent, service leaders will begin to look outside of their four walls or IT department for the next great service app. Obviously, industries like A&D or healthcare may be a bit slower to adopt this model, but I think we will see partnerships like the one Airbnb has embarked on enter the service world in the future.

Sumair’s pick:

Topic: The Mother of All Demos
Source: Wikipedia

Commentary: This is not necessarily a customer service story. This week at PTC’s LiveWorx, I was listening to any and all sessions that covered the topic of Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality. On one of these sessions, I was introduced to the Mother of all Demos, a name given to Douglas Engelbart’s demonstration in December 1968 where he showcased some of the basics of modern computers several years before they became the norm. What blew me away was the success of the video conferencing piece of the demo. We still struggle with video conferencing and video-based collaboration, but it seems like video will be a growing trend when it comes to collaboration within members of the service organization and between the service organization and its customers.

Our Three Other Articles
1- Starbucks Alienates Baristas in Its Effort to Improve Customer Service (Inc., 5/23/17)
2- Customer service secret to Weber Motor Company’s longevity (Victoria Advocate, 5/21/17)
3- Citizens Expect a Consumer-Quality Customer Experience (Govtech Works, 5/24/17)

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Till next week.

Aly Pinder
Director of Member Research & Communities

Sumair Dutta
Chief Customer Officer

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