Friday Service Recap: Perception, Bad Press, Customer Experience, Airlines and More Customer Service Stories for the Week

Every week, Sumair and I will post our most interesting service-minded stories for the week as part of a Friday recap. We’ll comment on one story each and then add 3 others for your review.

For the fourteenth installment, and week 19 of 2017:

Aly’s pick:

Topic: Perception Will Remain Reality When It Comes to Customer Service
Source: USA Today:

Commentary: This article highlights the impact that bad press and the ability to go viral can have on your customer service brand. Despite showing improvements across a number of key metrics, just a few (really) bad experiences which have been captured on video have created a perception that the airlines don’t really value creating a good experience for customers. Perceived value matters and service organizations across industries must re-evaluate their service brand impressions. Just think about how many times you fly every year. Now, how many truly bad experiences have you had? The problem is, even if that number is one, you see all experiences on all airlines through that lens. This is what it means by thinking customer-first. Instead of thinking about our own operational efficiencies or the way we perceive all the good we do most of the time, we as service leaders need to think about each service interaction and make sure we deliver quality each time. And almost as importantly, each service employee needs to be engaged and invested in delivering great service experiences even when the policy may say something different or they happen to be having a bad day. One poor experience can ruin a brand for a long time. Too often service organizations think they are immune because they have reached a point where only one out of 100,000 errors occur. Let’s just hope that one isn’t the one influencer who can put a dent in your margins.

Sumair’s pick:

Sumair will take another week off, but he will be back with a vengeance next Friday.

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