The USPS, First Female Postmaster, Lego, Camping and More Customer Service Stories for the Week

Every week, Sumair and I will post our most interesting customer service experience minded stories for the week as part of a Friday recap. We’ll comment on one story each and then add 3 others for your review.2
For the eighteenth installment, and week 22 of 2017:

Sumair’s pick:

Topic: The Customer-Centric Lego Rebuild
Source: The Guardian (

Commentary: According to Forbes magazine, Lego was the most powerful brand in 2017. This is incredible considering the struggles that the company was going through in the early 2000s. There are multiple reasons for this turnaround documented in the article, but the one factor is most interesting is the concept of “Camping with Customers” wherein Lego conducts one of the largest ethnographic studies of children in the world. What’s really interesting about this customer-focused approach is that the company not only studies what toys kids want to play with, but they also spend days and days in understanding the ebbs and flows of their customers’ lives. In other service scenarios, this would equate to not only learning about how customers use your products, but how the products fit into the overall routine and livelihood of the customer.

Aly’s pick:

Topic: USPS and the Customer Experience
Source: The Buffalo News (

Commentary: When you do a word association with the United States Postal Service, customer service is probably not one of the terms that comes to mind. And, this sentiment is coming from a son of a postal worker. But the USPS is one of those public services that is riddled with inefficiencies and gets a reputation for not being the most customer-friendly institution to work with (i.e., long lines, increasing prices, fewer services being offered). But what this article highlights is one leader’s focus on delivering high levels of service experience not only to the customer but also to employees. This incoming postmaster has figured out that in today’s competitive environment, you win with customer service and engaged employees. Historically, in industries that have had monopolies or few competitors, the customer experience was less of a focus. But now regardless of the number of competitors, customers have options and service organizations need to be mindful of this factor. The citizens of Buffalo should be ecstatic that they are getting someone who values customer experiences because that mindset means they will also receive value and innovations. When service organizations listen to customers, the good organizations work to improve the product or the service.

Our Three Other Articles
1- Apple unveils Business Chat, which brings customer service and shopping into iMessage (Tech Crunch, 6/9/17)
2- How plant-protein brand Vega uses Instagram for customer service (DIGIDAY, 6/6/17)
3- Harvey Nichols’ marketing boss on transforming the brand through a focus on customer experience (Marketing Week, 6/2/17)

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Till next week.

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