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Covid-19 Resource Center

At the Service Council™ our mission is to share knowledge, create thought leadership, collaborate and support our members and community. The disruption that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused is unprecedented, alarming and in some industries devastating. Service leaders, now more than ever, are in need of information.

As an independent research organization, the Service Council™ does not endorse any one product or solution, but during this very difficult time we feel that outreach to our members and community on options and offers that are being made available to service organizations around the world at no cost, is not only prudent but embodies our mission and philosophy of Service is Humanity™.

Service is Humanity™

Our company-wide cultural philosophy recognizes the role and importance of service on humanity looking beyond traditional operational metrics. It represents the EMPOWERMENT of the employee to create unique experiences at his/her discretion to create exceedingly exceptional customer experiences which improve the World.

Vendor Support for Field Service Companies
during Covid-19 Pandemic


Aquant Ignite is a self-service diagnostic tool designed to lessen the burden on the field workforce during the crunch caused by COVID-19. Service organizations can add the resource to their website, guiding customers to diagnose and resolve simple issues themselves, remotely.

Augmentir is offering its Remote Assist industrial collaboration tool free through the end of 2020. Augmentir Remote Assist provides a modern approach for industrial teams to communicate and collaborate with remote experts. The software platform combines chat with live video, audio, file sharing, and AR annotations to give technicians and workers more effective remote and virtual collaboration with subject matter experts. Augmentir is supported on the devices your teams already use –  iOS or Android mobile devices, or Augmented Reality (AR) enabled smart glasses.

Avanade is offering a Remote Assist Quick Start to help organizations take advantage of Microsoft’s six months free Dynamics 365 Remote Assist capability. It enables field technicians to connect to a remote expert so they can “see what you see” and collaborate in real-time.

Bruviti AI technology enables service organizations to deploy consumer diagnostic/fix self-service capabilities and also upgrade contact center dashboards with intelligent agent assistance that will enable more remote fixing of problems. Contact us about our COVID-19 program.

Connixt is providing instant deployment of the iMarq™ mobile app suite to meet COVID-19 related requirements on the field. iMarq apps are configured with customer-specific forms and workflows for critical areas such as monitoring and tracking PPE use for employees and contractors, inventory, inspections and incident reporting. Reinforce social distancing norms by providing on-field crew management, scheduling, assigning and onboarding, including temp workers.

Field Nation is the #1 field service marketplace and software solution that connects companies with service professionals to get work done. Safety is our top priority, so we’re taking extra steps to ensure our communities, partners, and users stay safe and healthy when it comes to on-site work. View our COVID-19 resources for helpful workforce updates, operational recommendations, and tips for keeping technicians safe on-site
Keep your employees safe and reduce risk with our Employee Health Screening Toolkit, a set of pre-built mobile forms designed to help you monitor and track the health of your team. We are offering full use of this toolkit free for 90 days.
In response to the current pandemic and stress on the service market, Help Lightning is offering its Remote Expertise solution to qualified businesses at no charge. New users can request a full-feature pilot at no cost. As a cloud based SAAS solution, the app runs on existing mobile devices as well as common web browsers so there’s no need to purchase new hardware and implementation can be completed in a matter of days.

For existing customers: Free training sessions to bring new users up to speed as you scale your use of Onsight.
For new customers: Free business continuity program to assist new companies who need our Onsight remote expert capability during this time.

Mize is offering a “fast track” program to get your parts eCommerce and Catalogs set up in days to address the challenges and opportunities during the current environment. Please Contact Us for a free consultation on how you can protect higher-margin spare parts business by staying connected with your customers virtually.

We help organizations select, implement, and obtain rapid benefit from investments in digital service technologies such as Augmented Reality (“AR”) and Internet of Things (“IoT”). To assist companies with their COVID-19 responses we are offering a free planning session to help identify use cases, implementation tactics, and other considerations when choosing service technologies.

ProntoForms has active custom app deployments for COVID-19 response ranging from new embedded workflow protocols, site inspections, employee symptom tracking, and more. We have a deep history of supporting custom app deployments for hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and forest fire response. We prioritize COVID-19 response app deployments.

Vuforia Chalk: Access free AR-enabled remote assistance technology from PTC during the COVID-19 crisis to help keep frontline employees and customers connected and safe.

REFLEKT Remote Free Trial: 14-day trial of our full feature set at no cost and with no obligation.
REFLEKT Remote 10-User Plan: Now available as monthly subscription to give businesses maximum flexibility in these challenging times.
REFLEKT ONE Standard Bundle: Now includes the REFLEKT Remote 10 user plan for free until end of 2020. Businesses can build and improve their own ready-to-use AR solutions with the content creation platform REFLEKT ONE and now easily incorporate remote assistance with the leading remote support tool from RE’FLEKT

RevTwo Navigator helps service techs resolve problems faster. To help with COVID-19 and reduce service visits, it is free for end users through 2020.

RL People, is a specialist recruitment and consultancy supporting businesses with the talent and strategy.  We are recognized as the global leaders in reverse logistics and support services recruitment across multiple sectors covering permanent, interim and temporary assignments.

Salesforce is providing crisis support to customers and employees. In challenging times, customers have urgent questions, and your teams need additional guidance. We want to help you meet the increasing needs of your customers and employees with our new Salesforce Care Solution for Employee and Customer Support, free for 90 days.

Zinc by ServiceMax, an all mode communication platform, is offering a 3-month free trial to keep your team connected during the Covid-19 outbreak.

ServiceNow offers four new community apps to help you mobilize your emergency response efforts: Emergency Response Operations, Emergency Outreach, Emergency Self Report, and Emergency Exposure Management. These apps replace ad hoc and unstructured emails, spreadsheets, and paper with fast, predictable digital workflows that work easily with distributed teams.

Service organizations have been deemed essential and it is more important than ever to have a platform that enables business operations to run smoothly and efficiently. We at ServicePower want to do what we can to help servicers during this time. We are offering ServicePowerHUB for free for 90 days, letting you get back to focusing on what is important: the safety of technicians and customers.

For new customers – For SMBs, free use for up to 15 field technicians through June 30, 2020. For Enterprise customers we offer a free trial program for TechSee Live

Turbo Systems is helping field service companies by offering to get you started for free, customize your app for exactly what you need, with your first 3 months free. Get Turbo up and running in days, cut out the expensive software you don’t need, and get your business back on track.

This ADP Coronavirus (COVID-19) Employer Preparedness Toolkit was designed to help you navigate the challenges you and your workforce are facing. Here you’ll find FAQs, checklists, webcasts and articles to help guide your efforts.

Covid-19 and Field Service Insights

Sustainable Culture of Customer Obsession with Darren Roos, IFS

Join David Nour on this episode of the Service Council inService Podcast series with Darren Roos, CEO of IFS – the global leader in Field Service Management, Enterprise Asset Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning. Darren’s career-building global software business spans over 20 years. Shouldering end-to-end responsibility for all products and the well-being and efficiency of 4,000 staff, Darren was the President of SAP’s global ERP Cloud business. With a reputation

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Blog: Empowering Technicians with Remote Video Support

In April this year, Service Council hosted a very compelling webinar entitled “Empowering Technicians with Remote Video Support.” As the title implies, the webinar focused on how visual aids, specifically video support, can help field service engineers (FSEs) complete maintenance tasks more reliably, thoroughly, and quickly – on the first visit. Service Council is grateful to SightCall for sponsoring this valuable webinar. SightCall is an enterprise-grade video cloud platform developed

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Voice of the Field Service Engineer: Improving the Technician Experience with Mobile Technology at Xerox

Customer Experience has often been linked to Employee Experience, as your field service technicians are one of the most direct connections your customers have to your business. Unfortunately, many technicians don’t currently have a positive experience at work. An emerging trend from the Service Council’s 2021 Voice of the Field Service Engineer (VoFSE) survey (725+ Technician respondents) highlights dissension amongst field technicians. A majority (60%) of Technicians indicate they either

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Blog: Mental Health & Wellness: Creating a Culture of (Technician) Care

Merriam-Webster defines humanity as: compassionate, sympathetic, or generous behavior or disposition: the quality or state of being humane bespeaking humanity for the enemy in the midst of a bloody struggle— C. G. Bowers. The quality or state of being human joined together by their common humanity. As of December of 2020, the novel Coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic resulted in greater than 1.5 million deaths (and counting) according to Centers for Disease Control and

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IdeaShare: Accelerating Your Digital Journey with a Connected Workforce

According to the Service Council’s 2021 Voice of the Field Service Engineer (VoFSE) survey, which witnessed 725+ technician respondents, 6 out of 10 FSEs agree technology makes them more productive. However, an equivalent amount of FSEs (6 out of 10) do not believe their feedback is leveraged by management to make improvements to the business. Yet, FSEs continue to struggle with: • Increased product & service complexity (greater technological requirements)•

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Webinar: Revolutionizing Service: A 10-Year Artificial Intelligence (AI) Journey

Digital transformation has dominated the agenda of service leaders for the last decade (even pre-dating the COVID-19 pandemic which only served to accelerate these transformations). As a result of the prevalence of digital transformation, information has become the new currency. In the 2020 Service Leader’s Agenda survey (which witnessed 150+ VP-level service executive respondents), technology (i.e., digital transformation) was the #1 prioritized investment. As we dug deeper into the types of technology

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IdeaShare: Fostering Technician Loyalty, Retention, and Satisfaction

Field technicians are the customers’ face of the company and techs’ job processes—for good or bad—influence their happiness and job satisfaction. This has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. But what happens when many technicians are debating their future in field service? This isn’t just a hypothetical question; it was recently confirmed by Service Council’s Voice of the Field Technician Report. Technician satisfaction and retention are harder to achieve than

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inService™ Podcast – Service Evolve with John Carroll, Service Council

Join David Nour on this episode of the Service Council’s inService Podcast Series as he interviews John Carroll, Service Council’s founder, and CEO on the newly formed Service Evolve. John Carroll is an entrepreneurial, marketing, and business development executive with a consistent record of growing revenue, market share, and business valuation. He founded Service Council™ in 2009 with a vision to create a platform for innovation sharing, shaping, and sharpening; where uncommon service-centric

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