How are you solving labor shortage and capacity planning challenges (fueled by “The Great Resignation” & “Silver Tsunami”)

John Carroll

“Silver Tsunami”: Statistics compiled by the Population Reference Bureau suggest the number of Americans ages 65 and older will almost double from just over 50 million to 95 million by the year 2060.

“The Great Resignation”: Statistics compiled by the Service Council suggest 6 out of 10 Field Service Engineers (FSEs) ages 25-44 do not plan to remain in the role for the duration of their career.

These issues are not going away. How are you solving them? A compilation of initiatives we are hearing from members:

  • Employee Experience Initiatives: Creating an improved Employee Experience by building an Employee Effort methodology.
  • Career Path Initiatives: Creating a career path (not for all but for many) whereby your aging demographic can serve as an internal (WFH: work from home) support arm for your emerging workforce and customers.
  • Technician Agnostic Infrastructure Initiatives: Creating an information platform where any technician can support the customer and issue because of the empowerment this digital platform presents.
  • Trades Scholarship Program Initiatives: Creating career development programs and scholarship programs to drive interest in the trades space.

Any interesting ideas you’ve seen deployed geared towards solving the talent and skillset deficiency challenge?