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Wednesday, June 29, 1:00pm

2022 Voice of the Field Service Engineer Survey Findings


The voice of the field service engineer has never been more important.

The “great resignation” has become a top economic trend, with the national “quit rate” reaching a 20-year high in November of 2021. It has also become a source of real concern for service leaders. As frontline agents experience burnout and job dissatisfaction, they are quitting at record levels. How do service leaders make the work desirable, and the workers valued to curb turnover and boost employee satisfaction?

Each year, the Service Council™ conducts our Voice of the Field Service Engineer Survey. The intent of this survey is to hear firsthand from frontline agents on the following aspects of their day-to-day job:

  • Career and Profession Satisfaction
  • Likes and Dislikes of their Role
  • Use and Desires of Tools & Technology
  • Company/Management Assessment and Engagement

This year, we have gathered responses from over 1,500 front line agents across various industries and organizations.

Watch the Smarter Services™ Webinar, 2022 Voice of the Field Service Engineer Survey Findings, as Service Council CEO, John Carroll, delves into the emerging themes from this year’s results and how to use these insights to create a more sustainable and engaged workforce.

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