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How Varian Uses Service Data to Accelerate Product Rollouts

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Data can reveal powerful truths when analyzed and presented in a meaningful way. When viewed holistically, the information can transform the entire enterprise – far beyond the service department. Engineering and product lifecycle teams can leverage equipment and service data to accelerate product rollouts.

Watch the On-Demand Smarter Services™ Webinar for a discussion with Michael Kenny from Varian to learn how Varian:

  • Employed data to identify service trends and quality issues in newly-released equipment.
  • Arrived at the decision to deploy Aquant Service Insights.
  • Reached a deeper understanding of how machines, too new to the market to offer historical baseline data, functioned in real-world scenarios.
  • Discovered key product rollout lessons – and used newfound levels of visibility into product service trends to change the way the team works.
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