Rod Cook
Episode 15
Guest: Rod Cook

Career Pathing for Field Service Technicians with Rod Cook, Trane Technologies


According to the most recent Service Council Voice of the Field Technician Survey, 60% of survey respondents (ages 25-44) don’t anticipate remaining in the role over the next decade.

That’s a disturbing statistic for service leaders, particularly given other talent shortage trends such as the aging workforce, the Silver Tsunami, and the Great Resignation.

So, what’s the answer? We believe creating a career lattice of learning and growth opportunities, vs. the traditional career ladder, may provide a glimpse into new ways of defining and measuring the success of field service work.

Join our inService Podcast host David Nour, as he welcomes Rod Cook, Director of NA Service Operations at Trane Technologies to discuss Career Pathing for Field Service Technicians and the impact of the global pandemic on the lives of field service technicians, safety, policies, and quarantine mandates.

Topics: Field Service, Workforce & Talent
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