Joe Lang
Episode 39
Guest: Joe Lang

Deciding when to Standardize, Localize, Centralize with Joe Lang, Comfort Systems USA


The age-old battle of driving quality and scalability has forced difficult decisions in terms of when to allow for localization of strategy and approach vs. standardizing. We continue to monitor how leading organizations are establishing a balance between both while centralizing resources, technologies and tools which enable the achievement of best practices.

Tune into the inService™ Podcast Live as host John Carroll is joined by Joe Lang, Vice President, Service Technology & Innovation, at Comfort Systems USA. They’ll discuss how organizations like Comfort Systems are successfully balancing service quality and business growth.

Joe has been with Comfort Systems USA for over 15 years, where he currently serves as the Vice President of Service Technology and Innovation. His role is to provide service leadership to develop and grow the field organization while developing long-term, strategic goals and expectations for the corporation. Additionally, Joe specializes in financial and leadership training, and has a passion for coaching and helping people recognize, develop and leverage their skills and capabilities.

Topics: Leadership & Strategy
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