Linda Tucci
Episode 28
Guest: Linda Tucci and Bob Downey

The Patient Experience: Learning Moments from a Personal Health Journey with Linda Tucci and Bob Downey

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As service leaders, we are often laser-focused on efficiency and cost-reduction. However, is it possible to be so focused that we lose sight of the human at the center? Join us for a powerful episode of the inService Podcast Live, where we’ll be joined by two passionate and dedicated service professionals in the medical industry that have found themselves on the receiving end of service after being diagnosed with cancer.

On the latest episode of the inService Podcast Live, we’re joined by guests Linda Tucci, Senior Global Director of the Technical Solutions Center for QuidelOrtho, and Bob Downey, Medical Team Coordinator for Global Health Teams, who will share their stories. Friends, and former colleagues at Sysmex America, Linda and Bob both recently received life-altering cancer diagnoses. They’ll be discussing their patient journeys – from diagnosis to care – and how their individual journeys have caused them to reflect on the importance of finding that delicate balance between compassion and efficiency in service delivery. It’s one that you won’t want to miss.

Linda is currently the Global Sr. Director of the Technical Solutions Center at QuidelOrtho. In this role, she is responsible for the strategic direction and operations of the Technical Solutions Center providing remote technical support to customers and field escalation support. Prior to this role, Linda held varying service leadership positions in multiple medical device organizations.

Bob is currently the Medical Team Coordinator and serves on the Board of Global Health Teams. Global Health Teams has provided medical care to underserved communities around the world since 1985. Bob also works with St. Damien’s Children’s Hospital and St. Luke’s Hospital in Port au Prince Haiti as a Clinical Laboratory Advisor, helping to manage the laboratories and lead laboratory improvement projects.

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