Eric Reisner
Guest: Eric Reisner

Eric Reisner VP & GM Hobart Service N/A – Building the Future of Service @ Hobart


Join the conversation as I chat with Eric Reisner the VP & GM of Hobart Service N/A in this edition of the Smarter Services™ Podcast. Eric joined Hobart 9 months ago having spent the last 30 years leading strategy at a number of global brands. He’s leveraging that wealth of knowledge and experience as he and his team at Hobart have set out to lead their industry and clients through the next wave of innovation & technology while holding true to the direct engagement and satisfaction Hobart has delivered for decades.

In today’s conversation we dive in on the following important topics:

  • Labor Strategy is certainly #1, retaining, recruiting and developing a pool of talent for the future.
  • Technology Strategy is #2. Reactive remains the preeminent method of service…preventative, proactive, and predictive never made it to the Commercial Kitchen Industry… so Hobart is moving as quickly as we change that. Today companies are in the midst of determining how to move from reactive/scheduled service to Predictive/JIT service with and without the customer being involved, but ensuring the customer is receiving reporting on the services and monitoring that that is going on to support uptime at their facility…Hear how Hobart Service is transitioning their company and industry.
  • Sales Management Disciplines would be the 3rd. Today people live off their CRM, like a financial ERP System…and while that produces increasing amounts of stored information, the question is how are you actioning it to benefit your clients. Are your Teams doing a weekly 1:1 session utilizing the reports in order to know what problems your clients are trying to solve and how you can help.

Three Questions with Eric:

  1. Is Uptime the ultimate measure?
  2. Does your customer still want to be involved in Service? Or offload that to their partner?
  3. What’s over the horizon 3 years from now?
Topics: Customer Experience, Intelligent Service, Service Revenue, Service Supply Chain

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