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Why do most field service, support, and experience innovation initiatives fail?

  1. You lack a clear vision and path to get there. Your service, support, and experience vision must be consistently understood, internalized, and applied by various stakeholders, up, down, and across the organization.
  2. You lack real innovation capabilities. Many service professionals and teams understand iteration, which is doing the same thing better. However, they may lack any depth in getting beyond Field Service Innovation Theater to real service innovation, which is all about doing new things. Conversely, their comfort zone may lie in innovating new service products, support services, or escalation processes, but a fundamental and forward-thinking look at your support business differently is beyond their purview.
  3. You don’t have a culture of service experimentation. Since most of us can’t pick the winners, the only way to uncover scalable and profitable potential is to design, develop, and test viable service and support business models. This approach takes courage, commitment, and a construct, elusive to most organizations.

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Others can’t and won’t follow the field service, support, or experience leader if they don’t understand where the organization is headed. Most leaders we meet have a vision, a strategy, and a set of prioritized pursuits that are unnecessarily overcomplicated.

Death by PowerPoint or that 100-page document you keep distributing won’t help.

What if your vision for a dramatically different and enhanced service function could be articulated on ONE Page? What if you and your team bought it on the idea that you could say more with less, that white spaces allow ideas to breathe, and most of your audiences don’t want to know everything you know.

The Service Evolve Systems, Service & Support Visualization increases organizational adoption, stakeholder engagement, and links vision to execution.

Your audience simply needs to know the most pertinent info to make a decision – to join you, support you, buy from you, invest in you, or otherwise believe in you. There is a better way.

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Ask any group of intelligent field service, support, or customer experience professionals about innovation and you’re likely to get a dozen different answers, almost all correct. Try to ascertain their knowledge, skills, and behaviors in both formulating an innovative approach and linking ideation to implementation, and you’re in for a surprise – or disappointment.

The breadth and depth of thinking beyond what they know today to ask really difficult questions, design unconventional service business models, compelling value propositions, and most importantly test hypothesis of their critical assumptions are capabilities they simply don’t possess.  

That’s why we believe the time to invest in the next generation of your field service, support, and customer experience talent is now. Through this intensive, selection process, we guide a group of participants through a 12-16 week “Service Innovation MBA in a Box” where we educate, coach, mentor, challenge, and optimize how they approach complex support challenges, design unique service business models, and validate their ideas with empirical evidence.

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