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Service Evolve energizes audiences with visionary and passionate commitment to help them rethink and reinvent for the future. It’s never been more important to help service, support, and customer experience audiences think creatively, act passionately, and bravely step forward into new opportunities.

We engage audiences, from a few senior executives, to thousands of service professionals with lively and straightforward insights for what’s really happening in today’s service organizations as they battle a changing business environment. It’s time to admit that the same old solutions will no longer work.

Our speakers challenge audiences to let go of strategies that are no longer viable. The future of field service, support, and customer experience depends on new ideas and creating a Culture of Experimentation to support our new norms in the After-Covid world.


Hybrid Relationships – Some of your service, support, and experience relationships were created in-person; the global pandemic forced you to interact with them digitally. Other relationships you’ve only met online; it’s time to reconnect with them in-person. What if they’re not ready? And how you show up digital matters more than ever. In the post-pandemic world, your willingness and ability to engage and influence your hybrid relationships with a unique value-add will elevate your brand and perceived value. If you get it right!

Crisis Resilience – What set some service, support, and experience organizations apart during the pandemic? What helped them get beyond just surviving to thriving in the face of constant uncertainty. Our research of over 700 organizations with over 10,000 data points highlights seven attributes that continues to set visionary service leaders and their organizations apart from their competitive peers. How do you measure up?

The Power & Promise of Co-Creation – In a world of omnichannel support, service, and experiences, you can’t possibly have all the answers. Your market is more dynamic than ever, and your clients are becoming increasingly more sophisticated – in their expectations of the unique value you can add. So, how can two or more strategic relationships come together and create something beyond each of their respective capabilities? More importantly, how can they structure their relationships to commit to the long-term success and viability of their joint initiative. Welcome to the age of Co-Creation. After all, in the post-pandemic world, few can succeed going at it alone.

Service is Humanity – In the world of AI/ML, augmented and virtual reality, have you ever thought about the human element? To date, no tech we’ve found can replace the endearing value of a human field service, support, or experience professional. Ask most of your clients, and although they want tech for convenience, speed to resolution, first-time resolution, and the efficiency in the manner with which they get their issues resolved, they’ll tell you that unequivocally, Joe or Nancy is their favorite field service technician. Steve who always shows up on time knows them, their systems, and quickly gets their issues resolve. Beth and Enrique in the support center really understand how they feel and are delightful in solving their challenges. This is what real service looks like. Welcome to the human element of service.

Voice of the Field Technician – Did you know that an estimated 60% of your field service organization doesn’t plan to stay in their jobs within the next three years? How about the six key attributes that frustrates field service technicians about how you manage or lead the organization? Have you ever thought about what they need to show up at their best every day, in the face of constant disruption to the field service, support, and customer experience space? Benefit from our extensive research and data-driven decision making on how to think and lead differently about service in the post-pandemic world.

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