We believe in human-centered learning to drive lasting change. We have developed experiential platforms for service professionals to experience maximum originality and sustainability in their personal and professional growth journey.
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We’ve never seen miracles emerge from training events. At best, most introduce an idea. And the participants return to their respective roles, and mounting workloads to catch up on. And revert back to all that they were doing before the training event. The binders go on a shelf, the worksheets in folders, and the key ideas to learn, grow, and evolve, all but forgotten.

That’s why at Service Evolve, we believe there is a better way. Welcome to highly immersive and experiential learning.

We believe in human-centered learning to drive lasting change. As such we develop experiential platforms for service professionals to experience maximum originality and sustainability in their personal and professional growth journey. The Service Evolve experiential learning begins with a design process to really understand our client’s desired outcomes and the profile/expectations of the participants. From there, we develop and deliver highly experiential programs.

Imagine your team of field service professionals at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), SxSW, or a number of other innovative events, where they’re briefed on a topic. And then they’re asked to explore, inquire, experiment and return to share their experiences. How dramatically different would their takeaways be vs. stuck in a hotel room or a training facility for days at a time.

Imagine training and development orchestrated like theater with Before-During-After; designed to transform individuals, teams, and organizations to rethink, reimagine, if not reinvent key parts of their business. From learning sprints and expeditions, we get learners out – of their office, their environment, their comfort zone. In our experience no real learning or growth comes from a place of comfort. And the key to organizational transformation and personal reinvention are experiences and exchanges, reflection, and applications. This is non-linear growth and what drives us to educate service, support, and customer experience professionals.

We believe that every topic we aim to train and develop service, support, and experience professionals in is highly relevant, particularly in the post-pandemic world. Some topics, however are more foundational, while others are better suited for managers and leaders. We’ve broken down our primary topics into these three categories. Service Evolve is also happy to customize a unique experience for your aspirations to elevate your team’s skills, knowledge, and behaviors.

For Every Service, Support, and Experience Professional 

Relationship Currency© for Service Professionals – Ask every service professional and they’ll admit that their business relationships are important. Ask every service professional about the quantifiable value or the significance of their business relationships, and good chance, you’ll get very different answers. In our experience, most service professionals focus on their skills, knowledge, and competency to solve problems and create happy customers. Their mindset, skillset, and toolset in developing and nurturing lasting business relationships needs a refresher, if not an intervention. This foundational course highlights the critical nature of intracompany, as well as external-facing business relationships for every service professional. How to become more intentional in the relationships you choose to invest in? This is the roadmap to your efforts to bridge relationship creation to relationship capitalization.

Co-Creation for Service Professionals – In a world of omnichannel support, service, and experiences, you can’t possibly have all the answers. Your market is more dynamic than ever, and your clients are becoming increasingly more sophisticated – in their expectations of the unique value you can add. So, how can two or more strategic relationships come together and create something beyond each of their respective capabilities? More importantly, how can they structure their relationships to commit to the long-term success and viability of their joint initiative. In the post-pandemic world, few can succeed going at it alone, and this course is your roadmap to scale, profitable growth, new service and support products and services, and lasting change throughout the organization.

Curve Benders for Service Professionals – In the future of field service, support, and customer experience, 15 forces will dramatically impact how professionals will work, live, play, and give. To remain relevant, you must accelerate your learning and growth. We believe that learning must be a non-linear growth journey where you learn more, learn it faster, and immediately apply it to solving new challenges and market opportunities. In that process, you’ll embark on both a personal reinvention and an organizational transformation. And you’ll discover that a few of your most strategic relationships, become accelerants to uncovering the best version of you. Those relationships are your Curve Benders. More importantly, you may also realize what it may take to become a Curve Bender in the lives of others, so years from now, they’ll look back at you as someone who had a profound impact on their journey.

For Service, Support, and Experience Managers

Agility and Service Innovation – What set some service, support, and experience organizations apart during the global pandemic? What helped them get beyond just surviving to thriving in the face of constant uncertainty? Our research of over 700 global organizations with over 10,000 data points highlights seven attributes that continues to set visionary service leaders and their organizations apart from their competitive peers. How do you measure up?

Service and Support Hero’s Journey – How did Schneider Electric Digital Buildings bridge the needs of ‘corporate’ in margin pressures and competitive positioning outlined in its transformation efforts, to gaining buy-in from the field design and service teams? It’s easy – they created a Hero’s Journey. Join us to learn first-hand how to visualize the needs of field design and service professionals and create pull/market gravity vs. the traditional corporate push that so often seems to get ignored. This program is jointly delivered between Service Evolve and Schneider Electric Digital Buildings.

Service Leaders of the Future – The service, support, and experience sectors are evolving at an accelerated pace. Forces such as technology and changes in customer expectations are forcing every organization to rethink, reimagine, if not reinvent its service business models. How will you and your team remain relevant. This is the opportunity to immerse the next generation of service leaders into a multi-day, immersive experience to revamp your service strategy, evolve the critical relationships they need to succeed, learn from diverse perspectives, explore new business models, and thrive in the post-pandemic work-life blending.

Here are four categories of focus and format we embrace to create memorable experiences and definitive growth outcomes:

Discovery – A multi-day program combining highly immersive and experiential learnings, with time dedicated to reflection, opportunities to apply key ideas, exchange perspectives with others, and capture personal commitments to real and lasting change. We create learning expeditions for a cohort of service and support professionals, unlike anything they have experienced in the past where we take the traditional classrooms outside for discovery and growth combined with unmatched intensity and originality.

Growth – If discovery is a glimpse into what’s possible, growth brings that learning expedition spirit into an authentic, reflective, and shared ownership to a journey format. We combine the high impact of unconventional learning and development solutions with scale for a large population, across geographies, and into a modular program. We’ve never seen real growth come from an event. So, we create a series of opportunities to get service and support professionals out of their routine, and immerse them in a path to learn, apply, test, fail, learn again, and internalize skills, knowledge and behaviors.

Alignment – A purposeful narrative, when appropriately tailored for the right audience, creates an outside-in perspective. Engaging with interactive activities ensures the field service, support, and experience gatherings maximize the value of communication, problem-solving, and decision-making intelligence. When you create alignment up, down, and across the field service, support, and experience team, you contribute directly to the organization’s overall transformation.

Inspiration – Drawing from Service Council’s years of research, we create tailor-made programs across the globe with exposure to the movers and shakers of field service, support, and experience journeys. These hyper-targeted, intelligent, and foresight opportunities to share unique content deliver the response to your organization’s ambitions and challenges.

The Service Evolve training of field service, support, and experience professionals are based on unique platforms. As we design, develop, and deliver training and development experiences for your team, we’re constantly exploring unique environments where we can immerse them into opportunities to hear the message, internalize and synthesize it, and share their findings and experiences with their peers.

From Adventure outings (think a Formula 1 track or an outdoor trek over the weekend), to Relax experiences to immerse them in digital detox and provide an opportunity for them to disengage, to Urban settings where they’ll engage in spy games or innovation challenges, every experience is unique and customized to your aspirations.

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