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Alan Schaefer
CEO and Founder
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Alan Schaefer is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Banding People Together, a super group of scientists, strategists, former C-Suite executives and rock stars who help teams and organizations get in the groove by tuning up soft skills that often get in the way of results. He founded the band Five Star Iris who received national airplay, worked with Grammy Award-winning producers, wrote with hit songwriters, and toured with platinum acts, as well as performing in over 16 countries for U.S. troops. When the band plateaued and ran its course, he became obsessed with answering a not-so-simple burning question. Why do some bands make it while other bands fail? This led him to create Banding’s unique music-centric, data-driven approach to team effectiveness. Some of Banding’s clients include Coca-Cola, NASA, Netflix, Verizon, Cisco, Groupon, Daimler, and Hilton. Prior to Five Star Iris, Alan was a pioneer in the internet space successfully building and selling an online resource that ultimately became part of Yahoo. Alan earned a BS in communications from Florida International University and currently calls Encinitas, CA home.