Sandeep Shashikant
Sandeep Shashikant
Director of Products & Services
Consolidated Communications

Sandeep Shashikant is a highly accomplished telecom executive with over two decades of extensive global experience in the telecommunications industry. His career has spanned across the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East, contributing significantly to the advancement of cutting-edge next-generation products and services. As a seasoned professional in the telecom sector, Sandeep brings a wealth of expertise in the quad-play operator ecosystem. His proficiency extends to various facets of the industry, including product development, user experience, service implementation, and strategic planning. Sandeep is known for his ability to navigate and lead in dynamic and challenging environments, making him a key player in driving innovation and growth.

Sandeep Shashikant is recognized as an accomplished speaker, regularly featured at various industry forums. His presentations and discussions revolve around evolving technologies, emerging scenarios, and innovative revenue models within the telecom sphere. With a keen insight into the industry’s landscape, Sandeep provides valuable perspectives on the future of telecommunications.

Sandeep Shashikant is recognized for his visionary leadership and ability to drive successful product launches. His forward-thinking approach, coupled with a strong understanding of market trends, positions him as a key influencer in the ever-evolving telecom landscape. With a career that has taken him across continents, Sandeep has built a robust global network and a deep understanding of diverse markets. This international exposure has enriched his perspective and enabled him to adapt strategies to meet the unique challenges of different regions. Sandeep Shashikant’s contributions to the telecommunications industry, both in terms of thought leadership and practical implementation, make him a sought-after speaker and a respected figure in the global telecom community.

Sandeep holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Bangalore University, India. His educational background, combined with his extensive professional experience, forms a solid foundation for his in-depth understanding of telecom technologies and their applications.