The Service Council is a research organization that studies service businesses via surveys. We ask real-world questions and then construct a metrics-supported narrative that highlights key trends and behaviors in order for you to compete better and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Voice of the Field Service Engineer Survey

This year we asked more than 850 front-line field engineers—field service associates, agents, professionals, or technicians— questions focusing on their tenure in field service; their thoughts on the profession; their likes and dislikes with their current role; the tools that are available to support their work; and their feelings about their company.

Survey Voice
Survey Agenda

Service Leaders’ Agenda Survey

The service leader’s agenda survey is intended for leaders of service businesses or for those in charge of service initiatives at other businesses.The intent of this research survey is to understand the key pressures facing organizations for the coming year; to uncover key drivers of success and to identify areas of investment and transformation in the upcoming year.

Technology Investment Plans for Field Service Operations Survey

This survey gathers information about IT software solutions and hardware investments field service organizations plan to make throughout the upcoming year and plans you might have going forward. This survey explores the top IT trends that are likely to emerge from the adoption of long-term remote and hybrid work in the aftermath of the global pandemic. Our devices and networks have evolved and so has the way we monitor and manage them. This year’s report will provide you with key information you need for your organization to thrive and drive sustainable profitability in the new normal.

Survey Investment
Survey Performance

Key Performance Indicators & Metrics Survey

Developing smarter, stronger, and higher-performing KPIs is a must, but it can also feel like a daunting task. This intent of this research survey is to understand the leading Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics that organizations utilize to measure their service business and to understand the current attainment of leading KPIs and metrics.

Survey Says…

Each quarter we survey hundreds of service professionals around the world to better understand their rapidly evolving preferences, needs, and concerns. Every voice counts. Please help us by participating in our surveys. Share the link with your team. And as a thank-you, we will share the results with you.

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The Service Council is made up of global leaders who are actively committed to the exploration of critical topics, insights and best practices. Please join our team of professionals and experts. We’re stronger and better together.