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Building Your Service Dream Team for 2021

Building a modern service team requires a well thought out plan and sharp execution. As the retiring workforce continues to exit the marketplace at an alarming pace (and much of the empirical and historical knowledge and skillsets along with them), the importance of creating a succession planning strategy couldn’t be more vital.

Those organizations who are creating a Best-in-Class infrastructure are focusing on strategies which support upskilling their existing workforce through a combination of professional development and technology infrastructure to supplement knowledge.

How can you quickly ramp up a workforce in transition? Be part of the conversation where we’ll cover 

  • Hiring the right candidates with the right balance between soft and hard skills 
  • Developing a highly skilled workforce to address sophisticated products and challenging service delivery issues
  • Workforce training and engagement strategies

Technology that quickly turns service data into actionable information to help upskill the workforce
Join us on January 13th at 12:00 pm EST for an executive discussion of the issues, strategies, and go-forward planning that service leaders can use in formulating the next steps to adapt and ensure success in the “new normal.”

 We’ll detail recent research, too including:

  • 2020 Voice of Field Service Engineer (VoFSE) presented by Service Council
  • Service Intelligence Benchmark Report presented by Aquant

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