Eliminating Field Service Silos: Key to Service Success

Siloed systems lead to fragmented experiences, higher costs for your operation and low customer satisfaction. Managing field service operations should not be like trying to solve a puzzle. Instead we believe that by harmonizing your field service processes you can accelerate and optimize service execution by aligning and connecting your front office engagements and back office processes. We will explore in this paper how you and your organization can eliminate your silos and gain these operational advantages.

Service Council™ embarked on its annual Field Service Leader Trends initiative. The research project witnessed greater than 150 responses and captured the key issues facing today’s Field Service Leader and the characteristics of Champion Performance (see Key Takeaways/Focus Areas and About the Project inset right). Many of the trends were quite consistent with year-over-year research projects with a similar scope. Service organizations continue to maintain a primary focus on establishing a healthy balance between three forces (Profit, Cost and Customer Satisfaction); forces which have long been considered adversarial in relationship to one another.

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