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Webinar: Revolutionizing Service: A 10-Year Artificial Intelligence (AI) Journey

Digital transformation has dominated the agenda of service leaders for the last decade (even pre-dating the COVID-19 pandemic which only served to accelerate these transformations). As a result of the prevalence of digital transformation, information has become the new currency. In the 2020 Service Leader’s Agenda survey (which witnessed 150+ VP-level service executive respondents), technology (i.e., digital transformation) was the #1 prioritized investment. As we dug deeper into the types of technology investments being considered and prioritized, information was the dominant thread, they included: business intelligence, artificial intelligence, knowledge management, IoT and more.

Service leaders have continuously prioritized creating a support infrastructure which serves to empower field service teams with information. The time finding information and the knowledge deficiencies amongst service technician teams have had a significant impact on operational cost, overall service profitability and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Labor transformations that the Service Council has been tracking have only served to compound this issue, as the aging demographic continues to retire (leaving a knowledge deficiency amongst the emerging millennial workforce). As service organizations continue to more commonly embrace hybrid labor methodologies to support customers on a global footprint, there is a heightened need to support service delivery with “in-the-moment” access to information.

Join us on On-Demand for an executive discussion on the strategic approaches best-in-class organizations are taking to enable an AI-based knowledge infrastructure. The webinar will be built around the following agenda:

  • Research Trends (stemming from the 2021 Voice of the Field Service Engineer survey)
  • A Corporate Introduction (featuring Atlas Copco)
  • A Technology Showcase (delivered by Dezide, a leading AI platform partner)


  • Sandra Heens – Technical Support Process Manager at Atlas Copco
  • Ruud Endeveld – Divisionele Commodity Manager at Atlas Copco
  • Esben Rasmussen – Chief Operating Officer at Dezide
  • John Carroll – Chief Executive Officer at The Service Council

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