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2022 Service Leader’s Agenda Summary Findings


Service Leaders are faced with an unprecedented set of challenges in 2022. Labor and skillset shortages will continue to grow as the retiring/aging workforce will exit the workforce at an accelerating pace and employee engagement will be further threatened by the “great resignation.” Digital transformations will move from a reactive to proactive methodology, as technology roadmaps will be framed with a longer-term transformational view. Supply chains will also continue to be threatened which will then threaten throughput and availability. All of the above will be compounded by the uncertain economic climate which continues to build momentum in the wrong direction.

This on-demand webinar delves into what best-in-class service organizations are prioritizing for 2022 and the research findings from our recent 2022 Service Leader’s Agenda survey, including:

  • The key pressures facing service organizations in 2022.
  • The key drivers of success in 2022.
  • The priority investments and transformation initiatives in 2022.


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John Carroll
John Carroll
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