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3 Ways to Accelerate Revenue Growth with Service Innovation


Service executives say service revenue will remain a key metric for their business in 2022. How can organizations align with customer expectations and drive service revenue growth while increasing energy prices, an uncertain economic climate and continued supply chain disruptions continue to drive historical rates of inflation across the U.S. economy

According to the Service Council’s 2022 Service Leader’s Agenda (SLA) survey, Business Intelligence (BI) will be the leading technology investment for companies this year. This was the second year in a row that BI topped the list of technology investment priorities, signaling that data capturing and intelligence automation remain an important part of service organizations’ revenue growth strategy.

In this Smarter Services webinar, Jay Byers, Director of Sales Programs at Schneider Electric and Charlie Warren, CEO of Convex, joined us to discuss how Schneider Electric successfully applies business intelligence to generate pipeline and accelerate service revenue growth from both new and existing customers.


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Jay Hs2
Jay Byer
Director of Sales Programs
John Carroll
John Carroll
ServiceCouncil H FC
Charlie Warren
Charlie Warren

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