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Delivering on Self-Service: How to Meet Evolving Customer Expectations


The concept of “service” is rapidly evolving. Customers no longer want to feel reliant on organizations to “fix it for them.” Rather, they want to feel empowered to resolve simple problems themselves, first. They expect a seamless, low-touch experience and the opportunity to self-serve whenever possible.

In the Service Council’s 2022 Service Leader’s Agenda Benchmark Survey, service executives indicated that “Customer Management & Experience Initiatives” were their top focus area for 2022. Additionally, half of the respondents cited “Changing Customer Demands” as their top external challenge.

Watch this webinar on demand with WR Immigration and Salesforce. We’ll explore how organizations are implementing Self-Service to meet growing customer expectations, reduce service costs, and drive operational efficiency for their teams. Learn how moving to a Customer Effort Methodology and leveraging technology can provide simple and personalized service, at scale.


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