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According to the Service Council’s 2021 Voice of the Field Service Engineer (VoFSE) survey (700+ Technician respondents), 61% of technicians believe technology improves and makes their day-to-day job easier. However, an equivalent percentage of respondents (60%) do not believe their feedback is leveraged to make improvements. This is causing a significant issue with respect to technician engagement — where 1/3 of respondents ages 25-44 (which typically represents 60%+ of a service organizations staff) indicate they do not plan to be a technician for the duration of their career. As many subscribe to the theory an engaged/happy employee equals an engaged/happy customer, the data highlighted above is alarming.

Those organizations who are achieving best-in-class performance in operational and customer metrics are focusing on strategies which support an information enabled and empowered infrastructure looking at all phases of the customer journey: from triage & diagnosis through the on-site service experience.

Join us for this executive discussion on the strategic approaches best-in-class organizations are taking to make certain technology adoption is successful, including:

  • Triage & diagnosis
  • Skillset alignment & technical guides in field
  • Customer & asset history enablement
  • Parts availability & ordering

The Service Council will also reveal new findings from the 2021 Voice of the Field Service Engineer (VoFSE) survey which will reveal the current and desired capabilities of the FSE respondents to help you align your technology transformation initiatives.


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John Carroll
John Carroll
ServiceCouncil H FC
Danny Dailey
Danny Dailey
Senior Manager, Technical Service Operations
Michael Israel
Michael Israel
Vice President, Zuper Community
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Josh Russell
Josh Russell
Director of Product Management

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