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Expanding the Value of Virtual Support in a Touchless Environment


The current COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted and perhaps altered field service delivery forever. The greatest areas of change include: travel restrictions, site access restrictions and the requirement of additional PPE (personal protective equipment). The impact of this new business climate has accelerated digital transformations and service delivery methodologies. In parallel to these new requirements, customers continue to heighten the pressure on service providers for issue resolution (and in many cases avoidance). This has placed a greater emphasis on customers self-serving and increased the importance of field service effectiveness (i.e. first-time fix rates).

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In response to this, many field service organizations are embarking on, and accelerating, digital transformations in order to address this new climate. Technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Knowledge Management (KM), and more, are vital to aiding these efforts. They are aimed at making information accessible at the point-of-service while also empowering the field engineer (technician).

Register to watch the Smarter Services™ Webinar. Listen to an executive discussion on the issues, strategies and go-forward planning that service leaders can use in formulating next steps to adapt and ensure success in the “new normal.” Learn about the latest trends (Service Council research) and hear how industry leaders are using AR solutions to:

  • Enable organizations to better account for workforce safety and health
  • Create a “Technician Agnostic” infrastructure powered by information access
  • Assess the role of technology in addressing the “new normal”

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