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Voice of the Field Service Engineer

Improving the Technician Experience with Mobile Technology at Xerox


Customer Experience has often been linked to Employee Experience, as your field service technicians are one of the most direct connections your customers have to your business. Unfortunately, many technicians don’t currently have a positive experience at work.

An emerging trend from the Service Council’s 2021 Voice of the Field Service Engineer (VoFSE) survey (725+ Technician respondents) highlights dissension amongst field technicians. A majority (60%) of Technicians indicate they either won’t be or don’t know if they will be a technician for the duration of their career. This builds off of the 2020 VoFSE survey where 11% of Field Technicians wouldn’t recommend their company as a place of employment and 33% were dissatisfied with their company. That means your customers may be interacting with a dissatisfied employee. How can you address this to provide a better field service experience for employees and customers?

The first step is identifying the source of the problem. The data suggests 3 leading indicators (beyond increased product complexity and greater technological knowledge requirements):

  • Paperwork and administrative tasks
  • Pressure to work faster (both from customers & management)
  • Time spent finding information


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