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How Does Your Service Organization Stack Up?

Latest Research on KPIs & Metrics


Over the years, service organizations have used traditional metrics such as Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), First-Time Fix Rate (FTF), Employee Satisfaction, Employee Engagement, Profit Margins and the like, to measure their performance. According to the Service Council’s recent research, service leaders use an average of 18 KPIs to assess their service business.  But what are these numbers really telling you and are they actually used to make improvements?

Join the Service Council on January 26th at 1pm ET as we explore what best-in-class organizations are prioritizing for 2022 and the research findings from our recent KPIs and Metrics survey.  We will discuss:

  • What KPIs & metrics leading service organizations are prioritizing
  • The validity of traditional metrics and what new metrics are being used
  • How traditional and new metrics are being used to form operational strategy
  • Recommendations for implementing and establishing a dynamic methodology to tracking and using KPIs to drive tangible results


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John Carroll
John Carroll
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