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Why Measure? Using CSAT Scores in Service Operational Decision Making


Do customer satisfaction scores actually matter? The answer depends on who you ask. To get the right answer, we’re going straight to the experts.

Don’t miss this live discussion between The Service Council, Harpak-ULMA, and PTC. We’ll be unpacking the findings from their newest research survey: “Measuring the Impact of CSAT on Operational Performance.” The survey’s insights come directly from service experts who have a deep understanding of customer satisfaction metrics (CSAT), how they are measured—and how they can impact your operations.

  • Find out how your peers tie CSAT scores to organizational priorities, budgets, and team goals
  • Discover trends and a pragmatic approach for defining CSAT metrics
  • Learn factors that contribute to best-in-class CSAT achievements
  • Uncover the precise relationship between CSAT and operational performance

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