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2021 Field Service Trends: Advance Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Why should you care about digital transformation? To say 2020 was unprecedented is both redundant and reductive. It’s the year that field service changed, likely forever. With a global pandemic still raging, achieving digital transformation objectives are no longer a nice-to-have. It’s table stakes. Join Service Council and ProntoForms,

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Why Measure? Using CSAT Scores in Service Operational Decision Making

Do customer satisfaction scores actually matter? The answer depends on who you ask. To get the right answer, we’re going straight to the experts. Don’t miss this live discussion between The Service Council, Harpak-ULMA, and PTC. We’ll be unpacking the findings from their newest research survey: “Measuring the Impact

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Building Your Service Dream Team for 2021

Building a modern service team requires a well thought out plan and sharp execution. As the retiring workforce continues to exit the marketplace at an alarming pace (and much of the empirical and historical knowledge and skillsets along with them), the importance of creating a succession planning strategy couldn’t

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