Gyner Ozgul
Episode 53
Guest: Gyner Ozgul

Next Generation Service Leaders w/ Gyner Ozgul, Perimeter Roofing


In the 2023 Voice of the Field Service Engineer, 45% of frontline technicians said they either didn’t plan on being a tech for the duration of their career, or they weren’t sure. While we can attribute some of that trend to disengagement, there are many others that have ambitions to rise in the ranks and become the service leaders of the future. How can the service leaders of today inspire and empower their frontline to have a real impact?

Join the inService™ Podcast Live as Gyner Ozgul, former President and COO of Smart Care Equipment Solutions and current CEO of Perimeter Roofing, shares his story—from a liberal arts background to an impactful service leader, and discuss what’s next for his career. Gyner will also touch on the critical factors as you grow your teams, train the next generation of service leaders, and create a succession plan for your transition.

With a passion for building successful teams and creating positive experiences, Gyner has achieved significant success and growth in his career by empowering teams to succeed. He has over 25 years of experience spanning service, technology, and supply chain roles. Gyner has served in various leadership roles, including 13 years at Ecolab and 7 years at Smart Care Equipment Solutions. He is currently the CEO of Perimeter Roofing.

Topics: Leadership & Strategy, Workforce & Talent
Tags: Field Service Engineer, Service Leaders, Sustainable workforce

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