Jean Thomas Celette (1)
Jean-Thomas Célette
Core Black 80mm Plus

Jean-Thomas (JT) Célette is the CEO of Coresystems and his mission is to bring Service Management into the era of Artificial Intelligence. With a focus to continuously improve the end customer’s service experience by fixing their issues faster, he also addresses the industry’s most pressing problems: scarcity of talent, knowledge attrition caused by aging workforce, operational efficiency and sustainability.

Prior to taking the helm at Coresystems, his career has centered around bringing new technologies to work to increase efficiency, market access and safety. He has helped large corporations plan and execute their digital transformations, managed a drone manufacturer to successfully transform industries such as agriculture, mining and civil engineering, and most recently worked for Google.

JT’s View: “Service employees should spend their time doing what they do best: talking to clients, giving them a sense of ease, and fixing the issues. Yet they spend a lot of time on other tasks, from documentation, to finding the right issues, to dealing with missing spare parts. This is where AI can help – helping to find relevant documentation, predicting root causes or writing service reports are just a few examples.”