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Leigh-Anne Nugent
Product Management Director, Outbound Success
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Leigh-Anne kicked-off her career at Salesforce as a Success Architect in Nov 2019, providing product and architecture expertise to Field Service customers. While at Salesforce, she has worked to improve use case adoption & execution by delivering tailored engagements that expedite implementation time to value, and spearheading initiatives that expand Field Service expertise at scale.

Prior to Salesforce, Leigh-Anne spent 12 years in the Asset Management space holding various roles in Marketing, Investor Relations, IT, Private Equity Fundraising, and Operations. She also launched and ran LAN CRM Consulting as a Salesforce Implementation Partner for 3 years.

Leigh-Anne is based in Toronto where she enjoys watching movies and trying new restaurants with her husband, or reading a book (or a few). Sometimes, she’s able to convince her teenage son and adult step-son to hang out, but her girlfriends are always around for a walk or coffee/wine/walk and talk. She hosts a weekly book club with a focus on material that elevates enterprise mindfulness and is active in personal development and meditation practices.