Sonya Lacore, VP Inflight (2022) // Schelly Stone
Sonya Lacore
Executive Advisor
Southwest Airlines

Sonya Lacore has proudly served Southwest Airlines for 15 years; Sonya began her career as a flight attendant. She has held various leadership roles along the way and currently serves as the Vice President for Cabin Services. Sonya has a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding of the needs in the airline industry. She is ideally suited to lead and positively impact our service in the cabin both domestically and internationally. As a native of Louisiana, Sonya is no stranger to hospitality – her passion for outstanding Customer service drives her to make personal connections to live out the genuine Southwest brand to our 50,000 plus employees. She and her husband Michael have two adult sons, Bobby & Brad.

Sonya Lacore, VP of Inflight Operations of Southwest Airlines, is a passionate leader of people, and she cares deeply about the hearts of her employees. Sonya strives to inspire and engage her teams to work toward the betterment of the company. Hospitality drives her day-to-day decisions, and she hopes to instill that in any co-worker with whom she comes in contact.