Tuesday, January 31, 1:00pm

2023 Service Leader’s Agenda Summary Findings


Service leaders navigated many obstacles in 2022 —  from talent shortages and supply chain disruptions to rising fuel costs and record levels of inflation. While the pandemic expedited digital transformation over the past three years, new operational challenges were created, despite gains in efficiency. As we look ahead to 2023, these challenges don’t seem to be dissipating anytime soon.  Where do you think service leaders will focus their attention on next?

This webinar on demand explores insights and results from our 2023 Service Leader’s Agenda survey, and explores what best-in-class service organizations are prioritizing for 2023. Key takeaways will include:

  • The key pressures facing service organizations in 2023
  • The key drivers of success for the coming year
  • Investment and transformation priorities in 2023

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