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Thursday, November 30, 12:00pm

How Will Your Service Organization Stack Up in 2024?

2024 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Metrics Summary Findings


KPIs and metrics play a critical role in navigating the predicted challenges service leaders are expected to face in 2024: geopolitical conflict, recession fears, increasing supply chain complexities and continued talent and engagement crises. Developing smarter, stronger, and higher-performing KPIs will help organizations make the best data-driven decisions throughout the year.

Tune in as Service Council CEO, John Carroll, delves into the results from our latest KPIs and Metrics survey, and what they signal for 2024.

  • Discover the KPIs and metrics that top service organizations are focusing on in 2024
  • Explore the effectiveness of traditional metrics and new metrics that are being utilized
  • Uncover how these metrics are strategically shaping operational strategies
  • Gain recommendations on effectively tracking and utilizing KPIs for tangible results

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