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2023 Voice of the Field Service Engineer Summary Findings


The frontline is the beating heart of every service business. They are responsible for the majority of customer interactions and feel the most pressure to deliver on service expectations. They play a critical role in helping organizations achieve their KPIs and keep service costs down. This is why the growing challenge around attracting, engaging, and retaining talent is a top concern for service leaders.

The Voice of the Field Service Engineer is the leading research campaign for organizations seeking to benchmark their frontline. Now in its 5th year, the survey aims to take the pulse of the frontline and answer the following questions:

  • How do field service engineers feel about their job and their employers?
  • What challenges are they facing in their role?
  • How long do they plan to stay in field service?
  • How can organizations keep them engaged and empowered to deliver on customer demands?

In this on demand webinar, Service Council CEO, John Carroll, delves into the preliminary results from this year’s survey, and what they signal for the future of the field service engineer.


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John Carroll
John Carroll
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