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Episode 59
Guest: Gerardo Pelayo, Ph.D.

Operationalizing Research: A Practical Path to Transformation w/ Gerardo Pelayo, Ph.D.


Industry trends, research and insights play a critical role in a service leader’s ability to make impactful business decisions. However, as service continues to evolve at a rapid pace, translating those insights into practical innovation is becoming more of a challenge. How can service leaders bridge the divide between research and action to forge a more transformative path forward for their organization?

Join the inService™ Podcast Live as host John Carroll welcomes a very special guest: Gerardo Pelayo, Ph.D., Service Council’s new Vice President of Research and Advisory. The pair will talk about Gerardo’s background in academia, the value his addition brings to our community and some common themes he’s seeing in initial partner and member discussions. They will also discuss the preliminary findings of our recent research effort around service supply chain and parts management.

Gerardo Pelayo, Ph.D. is the VP of Research & Advisory for Service Council. With a hybrid background that integrates cross-industry hands-on experience with his depth as an analytical modeler (Ph.D. in Logistics & Supply Chain from the MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program) built on a process-driven foundation as an Industrial Engineer, Gerardo brings to the table a prescriptive communion between dynamic innovation and operational pragmatism.

Topics: Field Service, Technology
Tags: AI, Artificial intelligence, Computer Vision, Data, Deepomatic, Digital transformation, Emerging technology, Quality and Compliance

About the Host

John Carroll
John Carroll
Service CouncilCEO
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John Carroll is an entrepreneurial, marketing and business development executive with a consistent record of growing revenue, market share and business valuation.

He founded Service Council™ in 2009 with a vision to create a platform for innovation sharing, shaping and sharpening; where uncommon service-centric businesses can emulate the strategies deployed by Global Service Leaders. Under Carroll’s direction, Service Council has grown from a groundbreaking idea to a community that features greater than 150,000 service executives worldwide across 6 continents, with representation in greater than 30 countries.

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