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5 Ways to Get More Mileage Out of Your Field Service Business


“Doing more with less” is an emerging theme among service leaders. According to a recent benchmark survey conducted by the Service Council™ (2022 Service Leader’s Agenda), service leaders cited the following as the top internal/external challenges they are currently facing:

Internal Challenges
48% – Lack of resources (qty) to handle service demand
71% – Workforce and talent shortage
39% – Workforce engagement and retention

External Challenges
67% – Supply chain challenges
36% – Skillsets and quality of workforce
51% – Changing customer expectations

Customers expect faster, more proactive service while service leaders are challenged with labor availability (fueled by the “Great Resignation” – employee engagement crisis, and the “Silver Tsunami” – retirement crisis), skillset deficiencies and stalled supply chains. Additionally, service leaders are being relied upon for greater contribution to operating profits as commoditization continues to shrink margins on products. As a result, service leaders have prioritized operational effectiveness including workforce utilization as key initiatives for 2022. Service leaders cite customer experience (CX) initiatives (#1), service innovation (#2) and performance management (#3) as the top areas of focus within their business. Attention has been turned towards ways to drive up utilization without fueling employee burnout.

Watch our Smarter Services webinar with guests Peter Seward, Vice President of Engineering & Technical Services at Harpak-ULMA and Steve Mason, COO of FieldAware at GPS Insight. We discuss how best-in-class organizations are solving the conundrum of doing more with less and achieving superior levels of business performance. In this webinar, guests will learn the 5 most critical opportunities to get more mileage out of their field service business, which include:

  1. Creating interest in the field service profession.
  2. Building a frictionless experience for Field Service Engineers (FSEs) / Technicians.
  3. Reducing operational and service delivery costs.
  4. Improving service contribution to bottom line.
  5. Shifting from a Customer Satisfaction to a Customer Success (Partnership) methodology.


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John Carroll
John Carroll
ServiceCouncil H FC
Steve Mason
Steve Mason
General Manager - Field Service Management
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Peter Seward
Peter Seward
Vice President of Engineering & Technical Services
Harpak Ulma

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