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From Executive to Technician: The Impact of Rapid Automation


Rapid automation is the new reality of any field service organization. But how is automation actually impacting field service organizations from board level to ground level?

Join this IdeaShare to hear from an executive, business technologist, and technician all from the same organization that underwent rapid automation. They’ll discuss how it impacted their business challenges and give real life examples about how automating processes revolutionized their day-to-day work.


In this panel you’ll find out:

  • Real-world examples of rapid automation with actionable takeaways
  • How rapid automation creates seamless knowledge transfer between techs of any tenure
  • The impact rapid automation has on the full asset lifecycle
  • How field service macrotrends are tackled with rapid automation
  • How rapid “rapid automation” realistically is


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John Carroll
John Carroll
ServiceCouncil H FC
Aly Mawani
Aly Mawani
VP, Client Success & Operations
Tom Sullivan Director Of Service
Tom Sullivan
Director of Quality

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