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Service Executive Roundtable – Prioritizing the Customer Experience


Customer experience has not always been front and center in medical device field service, but that’s changing. In today’s landscape, customer satisfaction is key to developing loyalty and driving revenue.

Watch our panel of medical device service leaders who are implementing sweeping organizational transformations — by moving away from product-centric thinking and putting the customer (and patient) first.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Organizational-wide strategies to improve customer experiences across all aspects of the service lifecycle.
  • Data-driven methods to capture customer sentiment and develop proactive service solutions — getting ahead of customer complaints.
  • Tips to upskill the workforce, even in a tight hiring market, ensuring every member of the team delivers top-notch service.
  • Strategies to leverage data to connect the dots between service, FDA compliance, and customer satisfaction.


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Chetan Makam
Chetan Makam
Vice President, Global Services
Amos Schneller
Amos Schneller
Robyn Walker
Robyn Walker

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