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Exploring How Beckman Coulter Shifted Towards Remote Service & Attained Quick Wins with AI


New Service Council research shows that 87% of service orgs intend to have a remote support strategy in the future. But shifting your customer experience left doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking done all at once, says Mike Rembelski, VP of Global Service at Beckman Coulter Diagnostics.

To gradually move from a field-centric service org to one that relies more heavily on remote support, you have to leverage existing data wisely and apply findings consistently. And it all begins with small steps, such as gathering your data, analyzing it, and using the findings to teach your team key soft and hard skills.

Join Mike Rembelski (Beckman Coulter), John Carroll (Service Council), and Sidney Lara (Aquant) for a conversation about adopting and implementing shift left strategies. Together, we’ll take a closer look at:

  • The importance of using data and AI to glean valuable insights about your org, figure out what should be tackled first, and attain buy-in on the entire process
  • How Beckman Coulter slowly used shift left strategies to reduce dispatch and improve key metrics, including First Time Fix Rate and Visits Per Asset Per Year.
  • The value of combating the Great Resignation through quick onboarding, mentorship, upskilling, and reskilling curriculums.

Learn more Aquant’s Service Co-Pilot and Generative AI for Service



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John Carroll
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Sidney Lara
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