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How Organizations Can Move from Modernization to Digital Transformation


Digital transformation has been a top priority for service leaders for many years. Major industry shifts and the challenges caused by the pandemic have forced leaders to act fast in a state of constant flux, making pragmatic decisions difficult when it comes to implementing new technologies. The result of which has been a patchwork approach of incorporating new digital tools to existing processes. This has resulted in pockets of digitization for many organizations, but failed to result in true digital transformation.

According to the Service Council’s 2022 Service Leader’s Agenda Survey, 76% of service executives will be prioritizing investment in new technologies in 2022. The research also found that information exchange and enablement technology (business intelligence, artificial intelligence and augmented reality, to name a few), and consolidation solutions for disparate systems (field service management, knowledge management) were among the highest prioritized.

Are you looking to reassess your technology stack and connect your disparate systems in an integrated strategy?

In this webinar, we take a deep dive into the difference between modernization (implementing new technologies without strategy) and digitization (encompassing a woven strategy across your tech stack). We’ll cover how organizations can:

  • Create the critical building blocks needed for a strong digital foundation.
  • Identify and repair the broken links across the digital journey.
  • Build digital connections between customers, data and technology and how it’s crucial to digital success.
  • Move from digital potential to digital transformation.


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John Carroll
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Jeff Massey
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Laura Mather
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John Ranalli
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