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The Rise of Technician Experience

Better Service Delivery Starts with Empowerment


Eliminating explosive customer situations through technician empowerment is an emerging theme amongst service executives.

Explosive situations are something our featured case study, Fike Corporation, a leading provider of Explosion, Fire, and Pressure Solutions, knows best. In the case of Fike Corporation, successful service delivery can be a matter of life or death.

According to the Service Council’s 2021 Voice of the Field Service Engineer (VoFSE) survey (725+ Technician respondents), field service technicians identified the greatest challenges to performing their services. Solving these challenges is the key to increasing both technician and customer satisfaction; they include:

  • Increasing the amount of knowledge needed to complete their tasks
  • Streamlining processes
  • Enabling collaboration with peers
  • Implementing new technologies that make their job easier

Join us for an executive discussion on the strategic approaches and technological advances best-in-class organizations are taking to engage and empower technician workforces. You will learn how Fike, in partnership with SightCall, increased efficiency across every aspect of their business.

The Service Council will also review the latest findings of the 2021 Voice of the Field Service Engineer (VoFSE) survey and reveal the current and desired capabilities of the FSE respondents to help you align your technology transformation initiatives.


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John Carroll
John Carroll
ServiceCouncil H FC
Michael Israel
Michael Israel
Vice President, Zuper Community
Zuper Trademark Horz 2 Color
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Chad Lowman
Director, Corporate Business Systems
Fike Corporation
Ben Pinkerton
Ben Pinkerton
Vice President, Product Marketing
Care Ar

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