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Smarter Services™ Webcast: Customer Success: The Next Wave of Differentiation
October 27, 2015 11:00 am EDT

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The Importance of Customer Satisfaction
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Field Service: Managing a Retiring Workforce

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Smarter Services Webcast: Re-Imagining the Service Supply Chain

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Customer Success: The Next Wave of Differentiation
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Latest inService™ Podcast: Microsoft: Changes in the Field Service Automation Market

In this edition of the inService™ Podcast Series, Microsoft’s Param Kahlon joins us to talk about the recent acquisition of FieldOne and changes in the field service automation market.

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We've undergone a field service transformation having made a large technology investment - both hardware and software. One of the biggest challenges we face is the field service team's embracement of this technology. Any other organizations struggling with maximizing the utilization of technology?

I'm looking to reset on almost all major KPIs not just to understand the current metrics we should be aiming to achieve, but how do we get from our current maturity to the next level.

Does anyone have any stories they can share with respect to re-engineering the customer journey? We've used the observations gathered from our Customer Effort Analysis programs to implement/manipulate the processes surrounding the typical customer journey. Curious what other organizations are doing ...

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