Upcoming Webinars

For future events, not listed here, please access our research agenda.

3D Printing’s Impact on the Service Supply Chain

TSC will share some findings from its 2017 Service Parts Management benchmark and host a discussion on the impact of 3D Printing on service parts management.

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Mobile Maturity: Where Are You?

TSC highlights the concept of mobile maturity in field service and documents how leading service organizations are extending the gains of mobility to front-line service personnel.

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Global Trends in Service Growth – Feedback from Europe and APAC

The Service Council is joined by members from its regional advisory boards to share themes and trends impacting service business growth globally.

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Digital Transformation of the Service Enterprise

Digitization is occurring at a rapid pace. But what does this mean for the operational and customer journeys driven by service leaders. Join leaders from our community to find out.

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Upcoming IdeaShares

Attendance to IdeaShares is limited to 6-8 organizations and we typically reserve seats for TSC members. Non-members can indicate interest in a discussion and might receive admission on a case-by-case basis.

Artificial Intelligence – Use Cases

What is Artificial Intelligence? How might AI tools impact service decision making and strategy? What are the use cases? TSC investigates the potential impact of the AI movement on service outcomes?

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Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Service Results

Less than 30% of organizations polled by TSC are leveraging predictive analytics to foresee and respond to future service events even though achieving a higher level of predictability is a major focus for these organizations. How can these tools effectively be leveraged?

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Learning and Development of the Service Workforce

Service organizations need to adopt a continuous learning mindset for the development of their future workforce. We discuss what this entails and the investments necessary in people, process, knowledge, and data management.

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Service Trends for Dealer-Based Businesses

While OEMs might have the best service plans, the delivery of these plans often resides in the hands of dealers and other third-parties. How can OEMs ensure the best service delivery and optimal customer experience while indirectly working with the customer? We discuss.

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Recent Events

Mobility Trends for the Field Service Enterprise

At TSC, we believe that mobile is the most transformative technology impacting the field service enterprise. Listen in as we discuss the latest trends from our 2017 mobile research

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Smarter Services Symposium Post-Event

The Service Council team recaps the key takeaways from the 2017 Smarter Services Symposium. The team will dive into best practices tied to commercial, customer-centric, and operational strategies.

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Improving Worker Safety – New Tools and Technologies

Safety is a proxy for quality and an incredibly vital investment area for field service organizations. How are organizations leveraging new tools to improve worker safety? Join the discussion to find out.

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CSAT, NPS, Customer Effort. What Makes Sense?

Net Promoter Score has been an essential part of the customer loyalty and customer experience toolkit. Now organizations are looking at other measures to truly gauge customer service success. On this webcast, TSC will investigate which score is best for your organization.

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